All of our therapists are Registered Massage Therapists with the CMTBC, which means they have completed a minimum of 3000 hours of professional training, plus maintaining compliance with safe, effective, and ethical standards of practice and patient care.


the maple ridge massage therapy team


Jenny Slauenwhite, RMT

Sports Massage Therapist

Jenny is the Owner & Director at Maple Ridge Massage Therapy Clinic and has been practicing massage therapy since 2006. She is a leader in Maple Ridge in evidence informed manual therapy care.

She is an experienced Sports Massage Therapist, with a special interest and focused practice in advanced sports therapy and active rehabilitation. She is dedicated to resolving the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction, and continues her education in evidence based techniques. Jenny is experienced in treating injuries and conditions associated with sports such as joint sprains, muscle strains, impingement syndrome of the hip and shoulder, plantar fasciitis, concussion, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, and patellofemoral pain. She has worked with athletes from various sports including martial arts, swimming, biking, running, soccer, and equestrian sports. 
Her approach to treatment includes: Graded motor imagery, joint mobility and stability, active rehabilitation, functional movement and neuromuscular techniques, pain modulation, pain management, and patient education. 
Jenny is the Co-Chair for the RMTBC Professional Practice Group for Sports, an active member of SportMed BC- A group dedicated to the advancement of knowledge & treatment for sport injury & sport health. She served on the Board of Directors of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia from April 2012 to September 2013. 
She is actively involved in community events and frequently volunteers for local charitable organizations and sporting events.  Jenny is a recreational endurance athlete who enjoys competing in local trail races, marathons, and triathlons. She completed her first Ironman Triathlon in Whistler, BC, in August 2013, and continues to enjoy training and racing in BC. When she's not at the clinic or training Jenny enjoys swimming, biking, running, snowboarding, watching movies, and spending time with her teenage son. Currently, Jenny is working towards her Bachelor Degree at TRU. 

Holly Henry, RMT

prenatal massage therapy

Holly graduated in 2008 from the 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Holly has been practicing Massage Therapy in Mission & Burnaby since graduation, and in Maple Ridge since September 2014. Holly has a special interest and a focused practice in Women's Health, Paediatrics, and High Risk Prenatal Care.
Holly is the Chair for the RMTBC Professional Practice Group for Women's Health, a group dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and treatment for injuries and other conditions related to women's health.  Holly's clinical experiences include outreach programs at BC Women's Hospital in their High Risk Anti-Partum/Prenatal ward, working with high risk moms through their pregnancies. Since graduation, Holly has completed multiple certificate courses in treatment of pre & post natal care, labour, birth, postpartum, and paediatric treatment. 
Holly continues to broaden her knowledge of best practices in the industry by keeping apprised of current research in prenatal care, paediatrics, and women's health. Her future plans include courses that promote evidence informed therapy in family centered care, paediatric pain management, importance of touch in infant development, cadaver dissection labs, and pelvic pain syndrome. Holly has volunteered her time at local events teaching Infant Massage to new parents, and offers Infant Massage Classes at the clinic! She also volunteers her time as a Children's Restraint Systems Technician (CRST), more commonly known as a carseat tech. Holly grew up just outside of Victoria, met her husband in Banff AB, and now calls Mission home. She enjoys travelling, and has traveled to Mexico, Cuba, and Australia. When she's not busy with her clinical practice, Holly enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful young children, reading, and crocheting. Many people don't know this about Holly, but she also bakes a mean cupcake.

Mike Wilson, RMT

Sports massage Therapist

Mike graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) in 1999. Mike earned a NCAA Personal Trainers Certification in (2008), and has three (3) certifications in athletic training from Twist Conditioning: Sport Movement (level 2), Sport Conditioning, and Sport Strength (level 2). Mike has 18+ years experience as an athletic trainer and healthcare professional. Mike's treatment approach includes Soft Tissue Release, Arthrokinetic Therapy, Neuromuscular Techniques, and Pain Management. He incorporates athletic conditioning techniques to speed recovery, assist in pain mitigation, and enhance athletic performance. He is familiar with both chronic and acute injuries and conditions, and provides individualized assessments & solutions for a wide variety of health issues related to the workplace, athletics, and lifestyle. Recent courses include the Fortius Centre's Assessment Treatment & Rehabilitation; Orthopaedic Assessment of the Lumbar Vertebrae, Pelvis, and Hip; and Orthopaedic Assessment of the Cervical Spine & Shoulder. Mike is a huge fan of auto racing, strength training, spending quality time with his family, and practical jokes. When he isn't busy in clinic, Mike can be found colouring, napping, or playing cars and trucks with his grandson. 


Jake Anderson, RMT

Jacob graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, with a diploma in Massage Therapy, in 2017. He has a general practice with a focus on motor vehicle injury rehabilitation and sports therapy. He has worked with the Toronto Argonauts, Team Canada Rugby, and the Rugby 7's International Open.  
Jacob has been an umpire for Fleetwood Fastpitch in Surrey, BC, since 2006. Umpiring games including seasons, tournaments, provincials, and the Scotiabank Canada Cup. In his spare time, Jacob coaches U15 U16 boys fastpitch. 
As a recreational athlete himself, Jake knows how important it is to be pain free so you can return to the activities you love. 

Samantha Kowan

administrative assistant

We’re so grateful to have Samantha working with our team as our reception and administrative assistant. She keeps the clinic running smoothly. 

She’s ready to help you book an appointment or answer your questions. Give her a call at 604-463-0529


Therapy Dog In Training

Apollo is a 9 month old Standard Poodle. He is clever and sweet. Apollo is in training to be a Certified Therapy Dog with the Canadian kennel Club. Currently Apollo is working on his advanced obedience and canine manners with Obedience Unleashed, and will take the test for his Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) Certificate later this year. Following his successful completion of the CGN Certification, he will work towards his Therapy Dog Novice Title (THDN). Once all the schooling is complete, Apollo and his handler will apply to work with the Saint John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. 
You may see him at the clinic practicing his skills, how to greet people calmly, and laying quietly while our team is working.
When he isn't training or at work, Apollo loves to go hiking with his family, wading in his kiddie pool, and is broadening his repertoire of tricks.